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Jan. 12th, 2009



Silence (Iris Wildthyme/Izzy Sinclair)

Title: Silence
Word Count: 648 words
Rating: 12
Prompt: Iris Wildthyme/Izzy Sinclair/Silence
Summary: She lets her in, makes her tea, and finds some gin to lace it with, without a word.
Notes: Silence seemed the least likely state of being for Iris, so you get a post-Time War Iris and a grown up Izzy.

Faded Plantinum

Nov. 18th, 2008



Lullaby for the Lost (Toshiko Sato/Rhys Williams)

Title: Lullaby for the Lost
Word Count: 452 words
Rating: 12
Prompt: Toshiko Sato/Rhys Williams/wistful
Summary: They are stronger than they look...
Notes: I can't write a word for weeks and now look... This is actually quite a reasonably sensible pairing if you think about it... Slight spoilers for Greeks Bearing Gifts and Something Borrowed

Sleep to sleep, sigh to sigh, on a lover's lullabyCollapse )

Nov. 17th, 2008



The Application of Fundamentals (Grace Holloway/The Brig)

Title: The Application of Fundamentals
Word Count: 500 words
Rating: PG
Prompt: Grace Holloway/Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart/prison
Summary: They'll always have Peru...
Notes: Totally taking advantage of the fic amnesty here

The Application of FundamentalsCollapse )

Nov. 16th, 2008



Fic: Broken Reflection (Six/Valeyard, PG-13)

Title: Broken Reflection
Pairing: Six/Valeyard
Summary: The Sixth Doctor takes a picnic with a future self.
A/N: This was from a prompt several months gone, but I'm taking the holiday hiatus to mean a general fic amnesty as well.

Broken Reflection
home for the holidays


Holiday Hiatus!

I know it's only November, but as holiday ficathon and RL obligations begin to impose, I'm going to suspend official weekly challenges on the comm until the new year. Do, as always, feel free to post any past stories (amnesty time!), or if you want a break and want to play with the generator some more, consider this the catch-all generator post, and then if you write any stories, feel free to go post those as well!

Hope to restart the comm in January with lots of energy and fun ideas. :)

Nov. 3rd, 2008



Claim and Support Post: Week Ending November 9th

Hi! Did you see what I did there? That's right, completely forgot about the community for a few weeks. I humbly apologize, and hope to stay on the straight and narrow in the future (also, feel free to poke me if you notice I've been MIA).

Since it's getting late on into Monday already, let's have a consolidated claims and support post. Hope you have fun getting back into the challenge!

Sep. 29th, 2008

She pwned David Tennant - proof enough?


Claim and Support Post: Week Ending October *12th*

For this week, let's have a consolidated post since I'm in a huge hurry; also, I won't be around next Monday to put up the next claim post, so I'm extending this one over the next TWO weeks. So lots of time to write, and also consider the time amnesty time - basically, two weeks to go wild. Have fun!!

Sep. 26th, 2008


Fic: A John Smith Situation (Jo Grant/Emily Chaudhry, PG)

Title: A John Smith Situation
Author: carawj
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jo Grant/Emily Chaudhry, implied others as well.
Summary: Emily found herself sitting in a cell, her right arm handcuffed to a young woman in an extremely short skirt, who seemed to know a hell of a lot about UNIT.
Notes: Spoilers for the UNIT audio series. Crossposted to trap_one, unit_family, the_randomiser, and who_otp.

A John Smith Situation

Sep. 25th, 2008



Fic: Bitter Laughter, Bitter Tears (Peri/Adam, PG-13)

Title: Bitter Laughter, Bitter Tears
Pairing: Peri Brown/Adam Mitchell
Rating: PG-13 for some bad words
Summary: The drunken ramblings of Peri Brown and Adam Mitchell
Prompt: Peri Brown / Adam Mitchell / placing blame

The drunken ramblings of Peri Brown and Adam MitchellCollapse )

Sep. 22nd, 2008

one needs a tegan/five icon of sorts


Support Post: Week Ending September 28th

And here's the support post - asking for betas, chit-chat, anything and everything goes here!

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