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put it on random

cracking out the fandom, one pairing at a time

Now 100% Dude-With-Bird-Nailed-To-His-Head Free
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You love the DW random pairing generator. Sometimes you want to write fic from it, but it's a bit scary. Sometimes you just want a really crazy challenge to make you actually write and finish fic.

So why not publicly claim the craziness?

Here's how it works: once a week, a mod post will go up. You will play with the generator, and come up with a list of ten possible pairings (more details in the first post, found here). Then you will write and post one of those fics within that week. No actual commitment except publicly stating you're going to do it.

And then, if it's a pairing that hasn't been posted there yet, post your fic simultaneously to whoniverse1000! It's win-win all around for fandom.

Rules for playing here: just play nice; no bashing, please. And have fun. Contact me if you have any questions: alivii@gmail.com

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